Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FIX Antenna vs QuickFIX: battle or marriage?

It is always difficult to compete with freeware and opensource as they have at least one unquestionable advantage - price. When thinking of what proprietary paid solution can oppose to free opensource one usually come to two obvious options:
  • Service (maintenance and support)
  • Technological advantages
B2BITS FIX Antenna definitely addresses both of the items. It is discussed in detailed here. In general I would say that the most substantial advantage of FIX Antenna nowadays is performance.

For those who have chosen QuickFIX in the past and now are suffering from the performance deficiency being scared of  long migration process to some proprietary solution, B2BITS developed QF Adaptor, which simplifies migration process and minimizes time to market. And still it outperforms QuickFIX.

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